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Thanks Deutsche Bahn AG! Customer service, what is that?

Last month I wrote already about my adventures with Deutsche Bahn AG , the german railway company. They made my fiancée missing her flight, spending the day at the airport and spending a night in the hotel, it cost over 250 Euros . The customer service from Deutsche Bahn at the airport told me I should send them all my receipts and they would give me the money back. Thats what I did almost 4 weeks ago and today I got a letter back saying they only pay 20% of the cost of the ticket we were delayed with, so I got a gift certificate worth ONLY 11 Euros . I don't need a gift certificate, I'm moving to Canada next month and with 11 Euros I can't even get a one way ticket to the next city. I was really upset and called them right away, after discussing and complaining what a crappy service that is and how much I spent because of them, the lady at phone finally offered me another gift certificate worth 20 Euros. I wonder if I'll ever get it. But it still doesn't help me a