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Mondrian Schema design with Metadata Editor and Power*Architect

After not working with Mondrian for a few months I had to design a schema for Mondrian again. As usual I first used the Schema Workbench . U can do everything with it but the user interface is a pain I think, especially if you are used to the other Open Source BI tools that are around for other tasks. I remembered that at least version 2 of the Pentaho Metadata Editor has a hidden Schema Editor , you have to press CTRL-ALT-O to activate it. If you check out the newest version (Version 3 RC1) you will be surprised how much you can do with it already! After building your relational model in the Metadata editor you can quickly design your cube and reuse your relational model which can save you a lot of time. But remember, it's not supported by Pentaho yet and you have to copy and paste your schema to test it. I'm sure in the near future Pentaho will have a solution for it. Another open source tool I found (I started working for the company recently) is Power*Architect from SQLPo