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MicroStrategy - Custom Formatting

My favorite blog on MicroStrategy is Bryan's MicroStrategy Blog . That's where I found a very helpful post on custom formatting which I have used a couple times. The issue is the following: You have a metric that can contain very small and very large values. How can you make sure that the value is always useful for the user (10 Mio instead of 10,000,000 where you have to count the 0 to know what it is) and that it doesn't take too much space on the dashboard?

Products you don't expect to be 'Made in China' - Presidents Choice Organic Rice Rusks for babies

Yesterday I had a surprise once again while I was feeding our 9 months old sun "Risk Rusks". These are little rice crackers a baby can eat. I thought I did something good by buying organic and Presidents Choice is usually a decent brand but whenever I looked at the ingredients I saw the label "Made in China". Why on earth do we have to ship our baby food all the way from China? I guess I have to look for another brand for Risk Rusks now...