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Showing posts from January, 2009

Connect Facebook & (almost) everything from Google

Yesterday I tried to figure out how to post my blog posts on my Facebook profile. First I tried different application but all they could do was adding a box on your profile. After searching for on google for a couple minutes I found one video on youtube that lead me the way: Import Blog/RSS in Facebook profile . You can do it even easier as in the video. When you are on your profile in Facebook, you just have to click on Import (as shown in the picture) and you can import not only a RSS feed from your blog, but also integrate lots of different websites like Youtube, Google Reader and most important for me: Picasa. Finally you can use all the different great tools from Google and integrate them all into one Profile. UPDATE: Finally there is also a blog post in the offical blog from blogger about the topic: Blogger Buzz: Facebook Your Blog

Formulare mit Google / Google Chrome

Gerade habe ich mir die Formulare von Google Text & Tabellen angeschaut und bin richtig beeindruckt! Innerhalb von 2 Minuten konnte ich meine eigene Umfrage erstellen, die ich nun in E-Mails, Webseiten verwenden kann oder direkt über Google ausfüllen kann. Das Ergebnis wird in einer Tabelle gespeichert. Ein kleines Beispiel gibt es direkt hier: Mit Sicherheit werde ich in Zukunft mehr damit arbeiten. Google Chrome habe ich mir diese Woche zum ausprobieren installiert, von der Geschwindigkeit bin ich richtig erschrocken, so schnell hat sich Google Mail noch nie bei mir geöffnet. Natürlich fehlen dem Broswer noch ein paar Features aber in einigen Monaten wird er bei mir wohl Firefox ablösen.

How to miss a flight (and spend a day at the airport)

Last week on wednesday my fiancée had to fly back from Frankfurt to Toronto with the 10am flight with Air Canada. To be able to spend more time together we decided to take the train from Freiburg at 5:54am instead of going by car. Usually the train arrives at 8am which gives you plenty of time to check in and go to the gate - but not this time. A few minutes before we would of arrived at the Airport there was an announcement that they have problems with the second part of the train and we had to stop at a very small train station. First the made everyone from the second part of the train to the first part. After trying to disconnect the second part there was a second announcement that it wouldn't work and everyone should go out of the train (it was about -10 degrees outside) and wait for the next train that should stop in about 10 minutes. It was the first time in my life that I had to go out of a train jumping out of the train since the platform was ways too short for the train. A