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Wabit finally supports Parameters!

In the last days SQL Power released Wabit 1.3.1, you can download it here:  SQL Power Download Website . The most important change that came with Wabit 1.3 is the ability to parametrize reports. Below is a screenshot on how it looks like: Report with parameters in SQL Power Wabit You can choose a text entry field, date picker and a select box as parameter entry field. The values from a select box can be based on a query. How to add parameters to your report: Add parameters to your SQL query. You can add parameters either by using the parameter dialog (Ctrl + Space) or just by using the right syntax in the query, for example "continent =${Continent->Europe}". ${Continent} defines the parameters "Continent" ${Continent->Europe} defines the parameter "Continent" and sets the default value to "Europe" Parameter in a query Create a new Report Drag the query into the report Add a parameter in the parameter panel (Go to View-&g