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How to miss a flight (and spend a day at the airport)

Last week on wednesday my fiancée had to fly back from Frankfurt to Toronto with the 10am flight with Air Canada. To be able to spend more time together we decided to take the train from Freiburg at 5:54am instead of going by car. Usually the train arrives at 8am which gives you plenty of time to check in and go to the gate - but not this time. A few minutes before we would of arrived at the Airport there was an announcement that they have problems with the second part of the train and we had to stop at a very small train station. First the made everyone from the second part of the train to the first part. After trying to disconnect the second part there was a second announcement that it wouldn't work and everyone should go out of the train (it was about -10 degrees outside) and wait for the next train that should stop in about 10 minutes. It was the first time in my life that I had to go out of a train jumping out of the train since the platform was ways too short for the train.
After standing in the freezing cold for about 10 minutes the next ICE arrived. It was booked out already so it took a while for everyone to fit in. We were just going to start again when there was an anouncment again, this time they called for a doctor or medic, someone had a stroke. It took at least 30 minutes till they would bring the person away and we could start again. We ended up arriving at the Frankfurt Airport with about 100 minutes delay on a 120 minutes drive, of course my fiancée missed her flight.
At the ticket-counter from Air Canada we found out that we weren't the only ones missing the flight. Because of bad weather other people missed there connection flights too so the next flight at 5pm was overbooked already and they could only give Sarah only a stand-by boarding pass for it so we had to wait and sit around at the airport for a couple hours. At the gate at 4pm Sarah found out that there were about 25 other people on the waiting list, trying to get one of the 3 free seats. Of course it turned out she wouldn't get one. Going back the couting we got served from the same person helping us already in the morning and again she could put Sarah only on a waiting list.
So we picked up the luggage again, stayed over night in a cheap hotel and went back to the airport again at 7am. At least this time we where lucky and after talking to different people they could give us a seat and Sarah could fly to Toronto. Whenever I went to take the train home it was cancelled - how ironic.

PS: I decided to write future blog post in english. It is too confusing if I keep switching between languages and it helps me practicing my english.


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