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12 days left - update on immigration process

After not writing much lately I think it's getting time to give a short update about how my immigration process is doing.

I received my one year work permit already in December and I'm still waiting to become a permanent resident. I applied a couple months ago and at least since January they are working on it in the canadian embassy in Berlin. According to their website it can take over a year for them to decide, so I better don't expect an answer the next weeks and months.

During the last few weeks I started applying at some companies, but answering emails isn't a strengths of most of them. I hope they serve their customers better. I usually call them about a week after, but often you end up in their phone systems without a chance getting the right person. It might be a bit easier when I actually live in Canada and can drive by to hand the resumes out to the right people. We'll see. At least we have a car already, Sarah bought a 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier last month. It's a former police car and seems to be in good shape.

End of February I finished my studies with handing out my master's thesis to my prof and all I have to do now is waiting for my diploma. For the last days I have been working on our wedding invitiations and wedding website and I also have been trying to solve all existing issues with the websites, computers and network at my brothers company. I'm looking forward not to do these basic jobs like installing computers and software anymore soon.


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